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"So much more than a massage class!  A haven to relax, meet new mums and feel really supported whilst learning an amazing skill.  We loved it!" Jo & baby Matilda, January 2013



Shiny Happy Babies has been successfully running Baby Massage Courses in Strawberry Hill for over 4 years and with over 150 mums and babies attending per year, we feel we must be doing something right!


As a qualified CIMI (Certificate in Infant Massage) teachers with the Association of Infant Massage, you and your baby are in good hands at Shiny Happy Babies.  You will learn techniques designed to soothe, relax and promote well being in your baby as well as a specific routine for the relief of wind, colic and constipation.


We welcome babies from around 3 weeks of age up pre-crawling.  Our classes are fun, informal and supportive.  So, what makes our courses different to the others?


Our Venue


Your comfort is a huge priority!  The classes are run from my comfortable home in Strawberry Hill.  Mums/babies sit in a lovely, bright conservatory and we take the massage sessions in a separate room.  So no uncomfortable church hall or hard plastic chairs!


1.5 Hour Classes


We don't believe in rushing at Shiny Happy Babies.  Let's face it, it can be a big deal to get out of the door with your baby and the last thing we want you to feel is rushed!  That's one of the reasons that our classes are 1.5 hours long.  The other is that we feel that with babies needing to feed, sleep, nappy change and so on, then there really is likely to be only a small window of opportunity to grab time to learn the massage techniques.  So you have a leisurely 1.5 hour slot which usually does the trick.

Our Class Helper


For classes larger than 6-8 mums/babies, the class is supported by a lovely class helper.   We really want you to enjoy your morning with us and the class helper's job is to provide you with copious cups of tea or coffee and lots of scrummy cakes! Our helpers are very happy cuddlers of babies - so if you feel like some hands free time, she will be more than happy to help you out! 


Baby-led Massage


Here at Shiny Happy Babies, we are totally baby led.  What this means is that we won't all be necessarily be massaging our babies at the same time.  I will show you how to recognise when your baby is "ready" for a massage.  I will take several small groups to do the massage, throughout our two hour session and you will decide when your baby is ready. No-one (least of all your baby) has to "perform" at our sessions! We all understand that sometimes babies cry or have off days.  No-one will worry about this, so don't give it a second thought. 


A Gradual Approach

Some babies are not used to the stimulation that massage provides and so we build up the massage week by week - little and often is the key - and practice at home is hugely helpful.  If your baby dislikes having their clothes removed, then you can keep most of them on for the first few sessions and the majority of them will be more than happy to receive a full body (naked!) massage by the last class!


Additional Activities

For the majority of our classes, we are able to offer you a wonderful optional extra during the course.  We work with a wonderful local practititioner who comes to Shiny Happy Babies to give mums their own Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage!  Lizzie will look after your baby whilst you enjoy some relaxing time to yourself - if it's good enough for baby, it's good enough for mum!  A small supplement applies.



Whether you are a first time mum or not, you will no doubt appreciate the support of other mums and the majority of our groups (which are usually between 8-12 mums/babies) go on to meet up after our courses finish, forming their own support network.   Lizzie and I are also here to help in whatever way we can, be it advice on management of colic and wind or concerns about feeding or routines.... we are here to support you and whilst we don't claim to be experts, we do know how it feels to be a new mum and can appreciate all the challenges that go with that!




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